The Biota Fit Instructor

Learns to teach an 8 week induction course of 1 hour lessons Each of the lessons focus on a new body part that turns into a system of self-care & maintenance for the Biota Fit instructor to share with their participant..

That in turn leads to another option for the Biota Fit Instructor. To teach an ongoing 1 hour maintenance class. Where all the components of the induction 8 week programme are condensed in to a 1 hour direct in person class.

For example one may teach the induction class, there after taking those participants/graduates to the next level. Where they can attend the ongoing maintenance class.

This is a lovely way to engage with people, in particular in these times where so many are looking to improve their relationship with themselves.

This is a course that we shall offer to those that excel in the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. A truly significant reward for all concerned.