My Biota

Who is the Biota Method for ?

The Person who wants to...

  • Improve their health & wellbeing.
  • Feel more energetic and vital day to day.
  • Move with greater freedom and ease.
  • Reduce aches and pains.
  • Take responsibility and promote their own longevity.
  • Feel connected to their body, feel like their body belongs to them.
  • Quieten their mind and be capable of relaxing.
  • Promote better mental health.
  • Do something for themselves, but does not know where or how to start.
  • Choose a method that is sustainable and truly offers you life skills.

The Walker, Exerciser, Athlete, Body Movers, Yoga Instructors, Fitness Instructors, Pilaties Instructors, Sports Participants who want to...

  • Performance enhance and bio hack to much higher levels.
  • Understand your body better and how to utilise your knowledge of your body to improve recovery.
  • Break the plateau and move beyond the habitual limitations.
  • Achieve a new personal best.
  • Compete at a higher level.
  • Get more from your workout.

The Therapists and Body Workers that...

  • Need to protect their own body while working – selfcare.
  • Wish to work more efficiently and conserve energy.
  • Would like to offer their clients more within every treatment.
  • Will benefit from an enhanced understanding of the body.
  • Should enhance the contact experience between therapist and client.
  • Would like a commercial advantage over competitors offering similar

The Occupationally Inflicted – office workers, drivers, manual workers, jobs that require repetition. For those caught in this loop....

  • Learn to manage your poise and posture to reduce occupational fatigue.
  • Improve your work output by being clear focused and more energetic.
  • Create habits that promote a better work life balance.

Would you gift that quality to yourself