Nika Ros

I was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1983. I have spent a considerable amount of my life in Canada , Poland , Ireland, and the US. I feel that my biggest achievement was having the luck, and the guts to move from a life that I hated to a life that I love . The adventure I am living now was not always this way.

My life journey had been a sinusoid that sent me around the hells and the heavens of the earth many times. Erratic as it was, I was accompanied by a feeling that I was not where I could be. That the foggy road I have been walking down was very close, but yet stubbornly parallel to the one I could be on. A niggling mismatch, a deep knowing there had to be a better way of living, rather than the physical and emotional torment I was constantly finding myself in. I had tried it all. Yoga, meditation, reiki, drug alcoholism, conventional therapy….

you name it, I’ve been at the workshop.

Albeit these modalities gave me some help, something was still profoundly missing. My life pivoted when I went to a peculiar therapist, Seán Beakey. He struck me as rather odd for a therapist. Very intimidating, as I could sense he could see right through me and my bs, and yet was indifferent to it. With no pretentiousness, no preaching, he calmly helped me dismantle my web of issues. The real ones, and the ones of my own construct, but yet very real to me. The more I watched him, the more I saw he displayed all the values and ethics, and ways of being I so desperately needed to start applying to my life. I knew the only way forward for me was to break through my fears, and limitations and learn as much as I could about the ways and patterns that Sean exhibited.

This was the beginning of my transformation. Initially I thought I was going to therapy to heal my body. Little did I understand what healing and alignment actually meant .. The more aligned I was in my body, the more aligned I was with my “self”.

With a clearer vision and a lighter body, that not only moved away from pain, but into function and comfort, I noticed that as my body was changing, so was my world. .. Fear left, tranquillity entered. My decision making process became easier, desired outcomes became self-evident as I was gaining clarity.

I didn’t fully comprehend what this alignment meant, until it all came together and I was able to look back at it. Once I fully understood the potency of what I had been practising, I felt compelled to join Seán to share this method with the world. We all deserve to be well, it is one of our fundamental human characteristics. The body strives for equilibrium -as equilibrium is our natural state – it’s nature’s design. I had been gifted the tools that allow me to observe the world through a neutral lens, uninhibited by pain and mental and emotional limitations and constraints that come with it.

Now I make choices with clarity that allows me to celebrate the good ones and suffer consequences of the bad ones that I step into with full awareness of what’s to come.

I had to dig deep into the layers of evolution and my own biota to find the being I am now, to fully enjoy what it means to be human. The Biota method has provided me with a way out of physical pain, a map to navigate my world, an alignment within my own being that spills into every area of my existence . Years ago I wondered what it would be like to live my best life. Now – Anything less is unacceptable. My Life, My Adventure in the ever evolving landscape of My Biota.