Our Biota

Biota Method

A journey to develop your inherent ability to optimise your relationship with yourself.
By guiding you on a journey of personal exploration to understand the resonance of
movement and thought.

The Biota (Biotensegritous Integration of Total Awareness) Method

What would it be like for you to move, act and react in a productive manner?

To engage the entire matrix of your being to help inform your decisions and frame the outcomes. Where you assess and express your physical body and movement, that resonate in the ethereal space and the mind.

What if we told you - you can get more out of every experience?

A knowing where you observe, live and engage with your own interactive opportunity. When your story crosses over another for better or worse, you may engage your own artistic licence to define how you observe and interact with that opportunity.

Are you aware of your shape, form and well-being?

Every part of your body is completely aware of every other part of your body. Every thought you have is reflected in your shape, form and posture. Your entire growth cycle is based on the information your body receives and how you interpret the stimuli.

Introducing the collective experience of Seán Beakey and Nika Ros.

The delivery of the Biota Method cultivates a shared learning experience that harbours a methodology which emerges for you. There is both a practical and an immersive quality to the process. Where you shall have clear practical lessons but also a relatable biographic example of one such journey.

We shall share the exponent principles of the Biota Method – B.A.L.M.

BFit – Biotensegritious Fascial Intrigration Technique

Aim – Amatsu in Motion

Love – Legacy of Vibrational Energy

MoM – Mind Overtly Matters

Who is the Biota Method for ?