Seán Beakey

Seán Beakey – Born in February 1975. Spends his time mostly in Wicklow, known as the “Garden Of Ireland”

Seán has explained that  the  “Biota Method is simply a name for a process and a happening that occurs independent to our observation and interaction. The Method describes all that is intrinsic and extrinsic to us. Existing within everything as well as NoThing. Our prosperity however is corelated to the symbiosis of engagement and this is subjective to the harmony of your observations and interaction”.

Seán has lived his life enhanced by his understanding of this mechanism. Stating that “we dont need to be taught the Biota Method, we need to be reminded of it. Guided back to a resonance that is congruent with observing our best self”.

An accomplished individual and yet with a true sense of humility and humbleness. There is a spirit of confidence and achievement – the hint to the life that he has no need to tell you about, yet would not refuse to share with you.  When you are sharing space with Seán you are aware you are in the presence of something different yet familiar, feral yet civilised.

You will share in a benevolent exchange with zero judgement,  founded in the observable realm that you have the capacity to see, at that moment. You are in front of an organic mirror, where you can see qualities and failings. How you relate to yourself with these realisations is a fundamental step in your exploration of the Biota Method. Seán would say that “your reward and progression exist at the edge of the level that you choose to observe”

Seán lives with his wife and two daughters in a way that exemplifies the Biota Method in its purest form. He can be found immersed in nature or conducting treatments in his clinical space, exhilarated motorbiking or on a quest in his library. A studious individual with a perpetual curiosity, an unrelenting capacity and desire for expansion and exploration. Whether you encounter him in a mischievous or meditative state,  one harmonious factor remains constant…

Seán resonates at the centre of what is known and is described as the Biota Method.

Seán’s early life was varied and contemplatively complex. However lets look at an aspect of the varied live path that has lead Seán to this point.

Seán was a child gymnast and runner, who at age 12 began his relationship with martial arts – one of his true loves. With multi discipline Black Belts and an impressive competitive record, he maintained a gym and athletic focus through his teens and into his 20’s.

Seán was destined it appeared for a future in the world of health and wellness. He trained early on in the Shiatsu therapy modality and qualified as a fitness instructor. Created a career around setting up and running gymnasiums, also working in the capacity of a personal trainer and coach.

Although Seán’s client list was adorned with celebrity, sports professional and high profile clients. The draw towards the expansive subject of manual therapy was more alluring. Informed by his desire and previous experience Seán began a migration of sorts.

Sean qualified in many palpable therapies including massage and enjoyed exploring the energetic therapies including Reiki. Ultimately Seán became enamoured with an unknown therapy called Amatsu Therapy. A beautiful Japanese Orientated System of therapy engagement that elicits a profoundly dynamic effect and with Seán as the therapist the experience is comparative to very little else.

Once again Seán has amassed an extensive client base which depicts a complete cross section of society – but all of whom have one thing in common. The need for a therapist to elicit a result that they have struggled to find anywhere else.

Seán is considered one of the best Amatsu Therapists in the world. Has been asked for many years to explain and share his insight into this therapy and the results elicited. In response Seán draws from his life and clinical experience, applies this skillset to teaching and has done for many years. Currently tutoring in his co-owned Amatsu School the “Institute Of Amatsu” in Ireland and the Global academy of integrated
Amatsu = Gaia, where he is invested in cultivating new Amatsu Therapists.

Seán feels that the underpinning principles that inform his practice and welfare are necessary for individual and community health/wellbeing.

The request for tuition continued, as Seán’s clinical clients and therapists would always ask what they could do to enhance their learning or relationship with their body. This feeling we get from the treatment is sensorially addictive. In fact “This is the place where each of us deserve to live”. With this in mind Seán set about detailing his knowledge of the components of function that lead to this wonderful system under the title of the Biota Method.

Now – Biota Method is ready to share with you.