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What would it be like ?
Through the Biota Method we describe and teach what we call the Balm Principles

Bfit – Aim – Love – Mom

Each principle has its own individual message and lesson, yet remain necessarily dependent and fully interconnected to each of the other principles. Completing an enclosed yet omnidirectional expansive method for you to grow and share within.

Each level utilises all 4 of the Balm principles within. Specially considered with different degrees of each principle emphasised and ordered in a way to give you the most fruitful learning transition and experience.

BFit-Biotensegrious Fascial Integration Technique

BFit – is like a series of ingredients. We explore individual areas, components and systems of the body. Becoming familiar with our current functional capabilities and what potential exists to improve our physical efficiencies. BFit is the perfect gateway principle into the Biota Method. A perfect place to begin your journey.

Aim-Amatsu In Motion

Aim – is a consolidation principle, it is where we take these BFit ingredients and begin to construct recipes for our individual lifestyle, living and activities of physical expression. Aim for yoga, Aim for Golf, Aim for walking, Aim for life…Then as you come to embrace Love and MoM you get to forever evolve your Aim strategies.

Love-Legacy of Vibrational Energy

Love – the beautiful word and underpinning feeling behind all Biota and the Biota Method. Where we describe and immerse in the feeling, knowing and instinctual resonance at the centre of our own world and the universe we choose to observe. We delve into the breath, breathing and the life force that spirals from this infinite activity.

Love reminds us with out limitation of our complicitness and requirement to flourish. Love transcends time and helps us understand and practice the feeling that should inform all of our actions conscious and subconscious. Including our movements and physical expressions. This is a beautiful principle.

MoM-Mind Overtly Maters

MoM – this is a playful principle. This is where we explore our mindset, we get
to play with discernment and our understanding of ‘things’. Within MoM we use
our meditative abilities, explore emotions and the effect of this spectrum on our
Biota. This Principle is also deep and personally inquisitive. An aspect of Biota
Method that gives each of us the space to cognitively explore the landscape of

The alchemy of the Balm principles thus become a series of immersive weekend
2 day experiences.

Where we focus predominantly on BFit.


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  • Our beautiful book
  • Access to the online bronze videos for 1 year
  • €100 voucher for our bronze seminar
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Where we engage with Aim for the first time of many.


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  • Access to the online silver & bronze videos for 1 year
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  • Prerequisite – Bronze Level Completed
The more expansive immersion into Love and MoM


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Included in Gold

  • Access to the online gold, silver & bronze videos for 2 years
  • €100 voucher for our gold seminar
  • Preferential booking on our events – advanced notice
  • Prerequisite – Silver Level Completed
Where you learn to share the biota method.


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Included in Platinum

  • Biota Alumni – By Invitation Only
  • Free With Platinum Seminars
  • Access to the online gold, silver & bronze videos for life
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  • Alumni Rate on any repeat seminars @ 50%

The Biota Fit Instructor

Learns to teach an 8 week induction course of 1 hour lessons Each of the lessons focus on a new body part that turns into a system of self care & maintenance for the participant.

The Bite Ambassador

(Bite – Biota integrated treatment experience)
Placing your hands on someone with their permission in a caring way is one of
life’s more treasured and sought after gifts of interaction.